Saturday, January 18, 2014

SILKYGIRL Pure Fresh All-In-One Gel Makeup Remover

Hi everyone! ^,^

I'm back for another review of this makeup remover. It is newly launched but I don't know when. hehehe
It comes in a sleek pink bottle which is kinda nice. Also a water based remover and have kinda citrus-y scent which I love it! It also claimed to be 100% soap free and no alcohol :D

Comes with usual bottle nozzle; easy to pour though :)

Quite thick unlike the oil-based remover

  It claims to remove all traces of makeup including waterproof one! But its too bad in removing waterproof mascara. Even if u pad ur eyes with the cotton pad for 20 seconds, it still sucks! I had to rub my eyes continuously and ended up with red eyes T.T
For my gel eyeliner, I had to swipe it few times to remove all traces but its taking lil bit time. I don't recommended this for busy person.
What can I say, its okay for the lightweight makeup like the eyeshadow or the lipstick but not for mascara and heavy eyeliner.

1. Cheap - around RM14.90 or RM15.90
2. Smell nice!

1. Doesn't remove heavy makeup
2. Takes too much time to remove

Verdict: 3/5
Will I repurchase: Yes if I had money shortage :D prefer to stick to my LOREAL remover.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Daiso Narakashiwa Charcoal Mask :)

Assalamulaikum peeps!

I dah cuba peel-off mask ni and it works for me! :) Found it when googled for peel-off mask recently.
Korang boleh dapatkan produk nie kat Daiso outlets pada harga just RM5 for this great product! Tapi sedihnya kat Kedah nie takde Daiso so, i beli online for RM10/tube. Beware ada certain online shops yang jual pada harga puluhan ringgit. (T.T)

Btw, you can get it here :)